At the beginning of January 2010 I found a website dedicated to completing 101 goals in 1,001 days. I was so inspired by the idea that I decided to make my own list & complete everything on it in the approximate 2.75 years that it takes. I want to keep track of my list which is why I’ve dedicated a whole page to it & I’m determined to finish it!
The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Why 1001 Days? 
Many people have created lists in the past – frequently simple goals such as New Year’s resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organizing and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.
More info at

Start Date: January 2nd 2010
End Date: September 28th 2012

Goals completed: 66/111
Goals crossed off that I no longer plan to complete: 6
Total:  77/111

Items in regular font are not done yet
Items in Italics are in progress
Items in bold are completed

Here’s my list!

1. Get a tattoo
2. Take pictures with someone in a photo booth
3. Complete ‘This is Not a Book’ by Keri Smith
4. Get a driver’s license.
5. Walk the ‘Walk to End Women’s Cancers’ with my friends
6. Re-read all the Harry Potter books [0/7]
7. Submit to PostSecret.
8. Add at least $5,000 to my savings account. [5,000/5000]
9. Buy a bigger bookcase
10. Dye part of my hair purple
11. Go one month without eating junk food
12. Go 3 months without eating any fast-food [3/3]
13. Sponsor a child in a third world country
14. Give blood
15. Go back to NYC
16. Pay off all of my debt
17. Get all my pictures developed and create scrapbook/photo album
18. Write a letter to 25 year old me
 – [January 4th 2010]
19. Dance in the rain, in the summer
20. Create a collage of things I love & post it in my room
21. Read at least 101 books [94/101]
22. Learn to cook
23. Tip 100% to an amazing waiter/waitress
24. Buy a gorgeous designer purse to add to my collection
25. Take a vacation with friends [PEI with Jenia & Jenn, August 9th-21st 2010] , [Greece with 3 best friends, August 7th-29th 2011]
26. Read a book (at least 200 pages) in one day [Sarah’s Key, Summer 2010]
27. Watch a sunrise [I’ve watched many sunrises thanks to my 6AM & 7AM work shifts!]
28. Start taking multivitamins in hopes of not getting too sick
29. Walk my dogs at least once a week
30. Learn to play a new instrument
31. Spend an entire school semester doing homework without procrastinating
32. Stop biting my nails
33. Vacuum and clean the washrooms without my mom yelling at me about it once a week, for at least 3 months [0/3]
34. Subscribe to a magazine [Subscribed to Alternative Press Mag on January 26th 2010]
35. Read 10 of Oprah’s/Heather’s picks [10/10]
36. Read for an hour everyday for 2 weeks [2/2]
37. Learn to speak Spanish
38. Watch 50 of IMDB’s Top 250 movies [10/50]
39. Donate 25,000 grains of rice on [6,000/25 000]
40. Make a list of ’10 things that made me happy’ each week for 3 months [3/3]
41. Color all the pages in a coloring book
42. Have a Lord of the Rings movie marathon
43. Stay awake for 24 hours [January 30th-31st 2010]
44. Go to a concert in a province besides Quebec or Ontario (or out of Canada entirely!) [Wakey! Wakey! & Jimmy Eat World in Burlington, Vermont]
45. Get back into writing, besides blogging
46. Use last minute deals to take a weekend/short vacation [Monday January 11-Wednesday January 13th.]
47. Wake up at 8am every day for 3 months [3/3]
48. Start going to the gym [I joined a fitness gym!]
49. Learn to knit
50. Watch the news every day for a month
51. Find a paid internship
52. Re-read 5 novels I loved when I was younger [5/5]
53. Buy and read a biography on someone I admire
54. Have an all day movie-marathon
55. Keep my room clean for 2 months [2/2]
56. Sleep under the stars
57. Make a music scrapbook (a good way to keep all of my ticket stubs!)
58. Get a henna tattoo [Treble clef on my foot in Mykonos, Greece. August 2011]
59. Stop cracking my neck
60. Buy a cook book; make something in it for friends and/or family
61. Spend the day with a childhood friend [we didn’t spent the day together, but we’ve made a point to go out for drinks or dessert a couple times!]
62. Spend the day with my brother (or go out for dinner with him)
63. Spend one evening a week away from the computer (but still at home) for 2 months [2/2]
64. Spend the day in my town as a tourist and visit everything I can downtown
65. Finish my bottle of Goldschlager [21st Birthday Celebrations!]
66. Backup my computer (buy an external drive)
67. Buy a new laptop
68. Buy more frames for my room & put up some favorite shots
69. Buy a new bed
70. Go somewhere warm when it’s cold back home [January 31st-February 7th 2010]
71. Make a snow angel [January 29th 2011]
72. Spend a day with my phone turned off
73. Buy someone a ‘just because’ gift [I bought my mom a little something just because I love her!:)]
74. Go vegetarian for a week
75. Spend an entire weekend having a marathon of a favorite show [Watched Smallville S7-S9]
76. Have a board-game night with friends or family [Friday January 8th 2009]
77. Go dancing [Friday, February 5th]
78. Go to a concert that I would normally never consider
79. Buy a round of drinks for friends at a bar [Mykonos & Santorini, Greece. August 2011]
80. Clean out my room & give away everything I don’t use to Salvation Army
81. Treat a friend to dinner
82. Spend the day with my mom & treat her to lunch
83. Re-read a favorite book series [Hunger Games Trilogy]
84. Learn to iron properly
85. Keep a journal (separate from my blog) until the pages are finished [January 2011…]
86. Choose a program in school & stick with it… and be happy with that choice
87. Go 3 months without buying any new clothes [3/3] (Started on January 17th 2011)
88. Spend 5 months not buying any food (besides groceries) [0/5]
89. Make a budget for school and stick to it
90. Get a new piercing [I got a snug! July 30th 2010]
91. Take a chance with someone I wouldn’t normally
92. Read 3 books on well being [3/3]
93. Finish first semester of University with no grade lower then a B
94. Listen to all the artists I don’t know on my iTunes
95. Go 3 months without going over 500$ on my credit card (once it’s paid off) [1/3]
96. Become a part of the Big Brothers & Sisters organization, or one similar that helps children
97. Go see a movie by myself
98.Participate in a picture project [Participated in the 31 Day Picture Challenge!]
99. Learn to make a traditional family recipe
100. Save 5$ for myself for each item I complete on this list, and buy myself something fun at the end of it!
101. Donate 1$ to charity for each item I don’t complete on this list

102. Complete the ‘Post A Day 2011’ challenge for WordPress
103. Buy a new camera
104. Participate in NaNoWriMo
105. Bake a rainbow cake & serve it at a dinner with friends
106. Host a dinner party (learn to cook something new & invite friends to try it!) [February 11th 2011]
107. Read more often (I read a lot, but I’d like to read longer each day)
108. Read more blogs and keep up to date with them (Read 50 blogs on Google Reader in total) [Reached 50 blogs on my Google Reader on June 24th 2011!]
109. Post more fun/inspirational pictures [I started a Tumblr!]
110: Take part in the Global Reading Challenge 2011 (the easy one)
111. Read 5 novels in french [0/5]


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  1. Hey there! After your comment on my blog, I realized I had to come check out your list! 🙂 I think I need to set myself a time restraint for my list, because otherwise I just keep adding to it and have no sense of urgency to actually do anything lol. Biggest question: What tattoo are you going to get? Haha that’s a big decision!

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