On July 10th 2011, I wrote a list of 23 goals I’d like to complete before my next birthday. Here’s that list, and my updated progress on it!

23 Before 23

  1. Take the trip of a lifetime [Greece, August 7th 2011-August 29th 2011]
  2. Write a letter to myself on the day off my 22nd birthday to open on the day of my 23rd [Completed July 10th 2011]
  3. Volunteer
  4. Get my 10th and final piercing [purchased a ticket at an auction for the piercing, now I just gotta go get it! March 2012]
  5. Confront a fear
  6. Try an exotic food I can’t pronounce and/or would normally never try
  7. Splurge on something for myself [A trip to Florida, a Michael Kohrs watch]
  8. Write a book
  9. Learn to drive a manual car
  10. Take piano lessons and/or buy a book & learn to play
  11. Get rid of a bad habit- in progress
  12. Read 10 biographies about people who changed the world [6/10]
    1- Just Kids by Patti Smith
    2- Night by Elie Wiesel
    3- Survival in Auschwitz by Primo Levi
    4- This Way for the Gas, Ladies & Gentlemen by Tadeusz Borowski
    5- Maus I by Art Spiegelman
    6- Maus II by Art Spiegelman 
  13. Buy a scrapbook and put it together for myself
  14. Buy a photo album and fill in all the pages
  15. Spend a day with my nephew (when he gets here in October!)
  16. Get into a regular fitness routine
  17. Take a University class I’m interested in, even if it doesn’t fit my degree [Completed September-December ’11]
  18. Participate in Project 365 – in progress [you can follow along on my Facebook page HERE!]
  19. Have a conversation in Spanish
  20. Watch all the seasons of a TV show I’ve never seen before [Watched all the seasons of Happy Endings & Community, 2/3 of CASTLE]
  21. Keep a food diary for one month
  22. Find a way to enjoy winter
  23. Support 10 lesser known musicians/artists & buy their record instead of downloading it [6/10]
    – In Stereos EP by Cartel [Purchased Oct. 5th 2011]
    -Michigan Left by The Arkells [Purchased Oct. 24th 2011]
    -The Sound Your Life Makes by Jason Bajada [Purchased Nov. 16th 2011]
    -Ever After by Marianas Trench [Purchased Nov. 29th 2011]
    -Running Still by Charlie Winston [Purchased Dec. 2nd 2011]
    – Road to you by Stefanie Parnell [Purchased January 27th 2012]
    -Forget the Storm by Tyler Hilton [Purchased April 3rd 2012]
    – The A-Team EP by Ed Sheeran [Purchased April 17th 2012]
    – Walk the Talk EP by William Beckett [Purchased April 25th 2012] 

Me on the night that I turned 22!


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