Things that happend today;
1. I worked
2. I noticed that I have practically no hours at work, and will therefore not be making money
3. Left work, and spent money on a really cute but expensive sweater

how does this make sense?

I also work tomorrow. Thank god for the few hours I do get.
I would like to stay somewhat busy for my final week of winter break… and so far that’s going pretty good for me, as long as my plans don’t get cancelled or anything.

What else?
Nothing. I’m home on a Friday night and I was alone up until about 2 minutes ago.
So I updated my myspace page and added pictures.. the whole deal. fun.

I don’t really have much to talk about…
One thing is really bothering me though about myself and even though I’m not crazy about talking about personal details online yet, I’ll give it a shot.
I don’t actually know how to phrase this. It’s mostly just strange.
I’m scared to go buy coffee at work because the guy that works there is so damn good looking. How WEIRD is that? It’s weird, no one needs to tell me. But for some reason, every time I see him working I can’t manage to even look his way.
I think that’s being unnaturally good looking. I need to get over this.
I am really retarded sometimes.

I need to go to sleep and forget that I actually just admitted that. Oh boy.


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