I don’t even actually know how to get my feelings out right now. It’s not really anger but just complete and total FRUSTRATION.
I like to think that I am a logical person. But when it comes to this friendship, I just can’t do it. We used to be close, and back then it was harder then with anyone else. We are just complete opposites. I could understand when she took things personally but we were really good friends and I should have known better.
But not now.
Not after the last big fight.
And after losing touch, and drifting apart.
We aren’t close anymore,
and she still manages to make it all about HER.
Like every single thing I do that involves her directly or indirectly, they get blown out of proportion.
It never happends the way she interprets it.
I’m sorry I didn’t make you my priority, but you can’t expect me to drop everything for you after all the tough things we’ve been through. We’ve grown apart, and these are things you should come to understand.
I’m trying really hard not to care as much this time, because I don’t think this is this drama is my problem anymore. Although I still hate that we always fight, clearly we’re not meant to get close again.
Every time there is the slightest hope that we might become good friends again, it blows up in our faces.
So even though I care, and I want to figure out why you’re acting the way you are, I don’t understand you. Never have, probably never will.
We bump heads.
Either we deal with it, or we just don’t.
And I’m tired of making this choice.


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