Everything Falls into Place


Today I’m not nearly as frustrated as I was yesterday (my last post) so I felt it was a good time to update on everything else that’s been going on.

I’m really excited because I’ve been having a good week so far. Since I’ve barely been working, I made plans in advance to try and keep busy.
Yesterday I just had a really great night and I wanted to briefly talk about it-
Some of my favorite people came over and we made dinner together and then squished on a couch to watch a chick flick.
It was just a cozy night in, but sometimes you need one of those nights to remind you who the important people are in your life. Just being able to hang out and do nothingness and still laugh until it hurts shows me how close I am to these girls and how much I rely on them.
I just love the feeling of being with really close friends and how everything seems to fall into place when I’m around them.
It just feels right.

Anyways- Today I am meeting an old friend for lunch and then I’m off to work. It is an absolutely beautiful day out too, so I’m glad that I’ll enjoy a few hours of it before I have to go sell some cards…

Which reminds me, I am running really late.
Shower time!



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