New Look


So after letting my hair grow out for a year or so, I cut most of it off! My hair sits right on top of my collar bone and I have cute little bangs to go with it.
I feel like a new me.
Everything feels like a new start- I feel like I want a new start… I’m like a new me!
It’s another beautiful day and I think I want to start making more changes in my life… more then just a hair cut.

Better Lifestyle Ideas;
1. Eat healthier (more fruits and veggies, less sugar!)
2. Exercise (home pilates, yoga?)
3. Inquire about cool job involving University program for the summer
4. Save money!
5. Finish revising and writing the stories stored on my laptop! (look up online publishing companies?)

I’m going to consider those my top FIVE goals of the New Year.
I would attempt to add in things like ‘stop biting my nails’ and ‘get license’ but honestly, I can’t stop biting my nails. And yeah I should probably add my license to that list. Make it my top SIX goals of the New Year.

Also, I really want a cat. Yes, like a kitty… I wish I could find a way to convince my mom that I can take care of it without putting the litter in my room, but I guess it’s hard to convince her that I can do that when I can’t even take care of my bird which is in her kitchen…
Ok so 7th goal of the New Year; prove to mother that I am reliable and a good pet caretaker.

I really need to get started on these New Year’s resolutions. The list feels like it’s getting longer rather quickly…

Anyhow, this is my last post until Sunday night at least. I’m going out later today, and tomorrow I’m going up to Jessica’s cottage rather early in the morning.
Two glorious days away from everything except fun.

funfunfun… ❤



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