I cannot believe how fast this weekend went by. It’s already Sunday, 7pm. School in 13 and a half hours!

I had a really good weekend at Jessica’s cottage though. It was just as relaxing as I thought it would be, however I am really exhausted.

We left a little bit later then expected yesterday and ended up getting up there around 3 in the afternoon- me, jess and her brother relaxed and watched the movie Good Luck Chuck (haha, love Dane Cook…)

We also decided to stay away from the drinks this weekend and stuck to hot chocolate and marshmallows, and we both feel like we paid for it when we went to bed.

We were sober, not very tired, but wanted to wake up at a decent hour. Neither of us slept much at all.. We were both tossing and turning all night and just couldn’t get comfortable. After a long and gruesome night, we sleepily got up at 9am and got ready to go out for breakfast.

This place… is amazing. It’s called L’Escale. We went there last time I was at her cottage and we just had to go back. The food = to DIE for. We always have good times when we are at that restaurant!

The rest of the day was mostly spent indoors. We had two walks, one the previous night and one after breakfast when we got back home. We played some pool and hung out in her kitchen playing Rummy and doing all the questions in the game Cranium. It seemed kind of stupid at first because we were bored, but we managed to get her mom and brother into it too and had some good laughs…

I must admit it’s good to be home because I am really tired after not sleeping well, but I always miss being up there. We always get some good pictures and we always laugh until it hurts.

me and jess = loooveee ❤

School in about 13 hours. This is depressing. I am partially excited, but I’m going to miss waking up at 11am and relaxing to a good show while eating a bowl of cereal. It’s back to waking up at 6:30am (aka before the sun) to take the bus in the bitter cold… Ughh.

I’m glad that I took advantage of my time off this last week and I kept busy practically all week.
Atleast I can say I didn’t do absolutely nothing for 6 weeks, haha.

Okay, it’s 7:30 and I have a list of things left to do before my early bedtime

1. Laundry
2. Shower
3. Do hair
4. Unpack cottage bags
5. Post pictures and videos on facebook

That should keep me busy for a couple hours.



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