First Week of School


Well my first week of school is officially over. It’s Friday, my wonderful day off and I’ve decided to briefly describe my classes…

Intro to Classics: Looks really interesting. Ancient Greece is going to be fun, and the teacher is really awesome too. He’s funny and energetic.

English: The class itself seems interesting. I haven’t met my teacher yet because we had a sub for the first two classes.. so i’ll meet her on Monday.

Advanced QM: The class seems easy so far. We’re doing really easy material… The only thing that throws me off is the teacher. She seems good, but I can’t look at her for more then a minute at a time… That sounds really mean but I’m just hoping she teaches well…

Child Psychology: Well I love what we’re doing… It is after all what I want to do with my life.. But this teacher also throws me off. The minute I met him, I just did not like him much. Our first lecture consisted of him droning onnnn about things we’ve learnt before in Intro to Psych… and he made us take five PAGES of notes… from what he said. Which reminds me I have homework… But anyway I’m not sure. He said he was really tired and so he knew he was just droning on that day so I guess we’ll see what happens. It’s always hard when the teacher doesn’t give you actual notes because you’re unsure if you’re taking the right things down. But he slows down for us to write, which is good. We’ll see.

Mysteries, Magic and Myth: This class is just awesome. The teacher is really cool and every class you meet new people. Best part: My final project… I have to perform a magic trick! lol

French: I am very scared to fail this class. The class intimidates me. The teacher seems really nice… But really strict. We’ll see…

I’m so going to miss my bus if I don’t finish getting ready right now.


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