Piece of Me


Ok, so Britney Spears is crazy everyone knows it. But her newest song, Piece of Me… is very addictive.

Thought I’d mention that.
It’s 8am… I’ve been up for an hour already, I have no idea why.
I work at 10am today…Yay…
I’m actually really excited because next Tuesday I’m going to be the senior closer and I’m getting the key to my store today, yay! I feel so important…
Thank god I’m starting to get more hours with Valentine’s day 2 weeks away. My account is going down and my bills are going upp… I have an eye appointment next Monday because I desperately need it. I can’t believe getting my eyes checked costs 50 BUCKS! How annoying. That’s not including the fact that I’ll have to get my prescription changed after… Another- 200? I don’t know how I’m going to pay that off. That means spending nothing for the next month except bare necessecities. Which also sucks because the Hedley concert is in 6 days and I still owe Jenia 40 dollars…
On top of that, my next paycheck won’t come even close to the 200 dollar mark and then I have to wait TWO WEEKS to get more money. Thank god for credit cards.

Oh. and it’s my mom’s birthday in 2 weeks. Crap.
I need to win the lottery.


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