Sunday nights. I Hate Sunday Nights.
Tomorrow is Monday.
Monday means school
School means waking up early
and it means finishing up homework
that was put off til the last minute on Sunday night
I’m sick.
Since yesterday.
6 more days til the Ottawa Hedley show. I better be un-sick by then, i’m just saying.
Anyways. Nothing is new. I’m just tired. I’m not even really tired. But being sick makes me feel tired.
And plus, I work 3 out of the next 5 days which means I have to do my homework sooner rather then later, which sucks.
I think I might have a lot of homework to do…

I think I’m already getting behind in my semester.
I can’t let that happen. Last semester was so good and I worked so hard I feel like I owe it to myself to keep it up. It’s just HARD when I’m looking 6 days ahead. I’m blaming being sick for not seeing the bigger picture. i won’t enjoy the show if I don’t get my shit done.

I just realized I’m still not being totally honest with myself in my writing. I think that part of the point about having this place to write was to just talk about everything that goes through my mind. And while I’m writing right now, I can practically hear myself filtering my thoughts. Atleast I’m admitting it. I just don’t plan on writing those filtered thoughts down…

I can’t wait until summer.
Oh. Good News/Note to Self:
Panic at the Disco May 13th @ metropolis.
Must buy tickets when I come back from NY.


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