Bad Day Much?


Today sucks.
I’m so stressed.
My weekend isn’t happening.
Apparently I am just NOT destined to go to Ottawa and see Hedley.
Today at work was kind of fun and kind of not.
It was fun because it’s hilarious to see all the people rushing to get the perfect gift and everyone is like PLEASE HELPP.. it’s always fun to put in your 2 cents. However it sucks when all the good looking guys are spending like 80 bucks on v-day gifts. Oh well.
Then one of my teachers shows up at my cash. AWKWARD.
Atleast I bought a sweet new CD today. The new album by City and Color came out and I bought it and am listening to it now. And am loving it.
Acoustic/sad music always helps a saddish mood.

God I’m so tired.
i have so much homework to do.
I just want…



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