Love is in the Air…


Well maybe not for me, but it is v-day and love is certainly in the air tonight for a lot of people.
Luckily the day wasn’t a totally bad thing.

Good things that have happend around valentine’s day:
1. OTTAWA. for suuure happening. I’m getting to see Hedley and actually meet Hedley/New Cities FINALLYY after all this trouble. It’ll be worth the wait i’m sure.
2. I’m on the right path with my french project which half of it was due today. My teacher was incredibly impressed. I felt good about that one.

Other things that happened
Well I actually went out tonight. I was just going to stay in and relax in front of some shows, but I hung out with a friend. It was cool. We watched shows at his house instead of me alone at home. I even got a rose today. I threw it out because I was tired of carrying it everywhere, but I still enjoyed it while I had it…
What else..
My mom got me a cute Cherry necklace for the holiday…
I get to sleep in tomorrow
Oh. I might bey very sick. It hurts to breathe… Bronchitis or Pneumonia? I don’t plan on finding out until AFTER Hedley. If any doctor assigns me bed rest I’ll just die.

I am so exhausted.


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