45 Minutes


Why is it that it’s always my days off that speed by?
Yesterday at school stretched for an eternity
Today I wake up and 2 seconds later (or so it feels) I have to get ready for work (which would be right now)
How frustrating.
Oh well. It’s been a good day. Besides the fact that I had to go out earlier to go to the bank and it was cold, there is only one more day until the Hedley concert. I am excited. I’ve started packing for tomorrow. It’s going to be a great (very quick unfortunately) weekend.
I think I already know what I’m going to wear tomorrow night. However I think I’m going to go shopping before work today since I’m usually there half an hour early. Perks of working in a mall.

Random thought… I cannot WAIT until summer. Everything is going to better when it’s warm out. I will get to buy more cute shoes. Will get to go to some outdoor concerts. Will not have to drag around winter clothes which I hate.
There is always nicer clothes to wear in summer then in winter. Yess.

Some good songs I’ve listened to today;
1. hear you me by jimmy eat world
2. breathe me by sia
3. only hope by switchfoot
4. nine in the afternoon by panic at the disco
5. bend your arms to look like wings by funeral for a friend

Life is busy.
Life is… pretty good.

Ok. Workk time…



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