Stupid Technology


Why is it that the more money I spend on something, the less well it works?
First there is my wonderful blackberry which seems to only receives messages when it feels like it.
Then there is my laptop which cost me like all my savings. I’ve had it for… less then 5 months and it’s lagging more then any computer I’ve ever owned.
Then there is the matter of my selling my older items on Ebay for dirt cheap and turns out they probably worked better.
Oh, and I got frauded on Ebay. Ask me if I’ll sell anything again on that website. No.
And also, why isn’t youtube working?

My pile of homework is stressing me out.
Here’s what’s keeping me calm…

-The Brian Melo album
-The Hedley albums
-The New Cities album
-The Anberlin albums
– Shaketramp by mariana’s trench (what a fun song…)… I was going to find the video to post it, but nevermind that with youtube out of order.

K. Homework. Then dinner at brother’s house. Then homework. Thenn school… Then workk…
I’m getting ahead of myself.



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