Calling all Sex and the City fans…


I think today is a really important/cool day to post because it’s February 29th, a day which only comes up every 4 years. How strange. Next year we won’t be living in this day. This exact time next year will actually be March 1st.

Anyway I happen to be slightly bored today on my first day of March Break so I’m going to review two recent shows I started watching which are apparently competing to be the next Sex and the City. I know a lot of girls out there who look at SATC as a woman’s bible, so I thought it would be fun to take a look at the recent competition…
The first show is Cashmere Mafia by writer Darren Starr (creater of SATC). Like SATC, it’s about 4 women with successful careers living in NY. There is Juliet Draper played by Miranda Otto, Mia Mason played by Lucy Liu, Zoe Burden played by Frances O’Connor and Caitlin Dowd played by Bonnie Sommerville. The show starts off really well and immediately grabs your attention with all its twists and turns… However there seems to be missing some realism to the storyline and the writer doesn’t explore the women’s relationships enough. It mostly seems like you’re following four completely different storylines because the women don’t have much in common and are leading their own separate lives except their lunches every once in a while.
I personally really like the show because I think it has a good story line and I think the actors work really well together, however I would not compare it to Sex and the City at all. Miranda, Carrie, Charlotte and Samantha constantly showed their close relationships and their stories were woven together really well whereas Juliet, Mia, Zoe and Caitlin have very little time for one another.
The second show competing for the spot of next SATC is called Lipstick Jungle and is the creation of Candace Bushnell, writer of Sex and the City. LP stars Brooke Shields as Wendy Healy, Kim Raver as Nico Reily, and Lindsay Price as Victory Ford. This show only began a couple weeks ago and seems to be a copy of Cashmere Mafia, however there are quite a few differences.
Cool things about the show: LP explores the relationship of the three women a lot more closely and shows their closeness much more then that of Cashmere Mafia. The show is a lot more realistic because it explores more realistic plot points such as failure, redemption, cheating… There are a lot of really interesting twists right away and actor Robert Buckley is definitely a plus ++!
Not so cool things about the show: The casting in the show is a bit weird. There’s some talk that the casting director did NOT choose the right women to portray the roles written out by Bushnell. I kind of agree- A lot of the time you’re just looking at Lindsay’s face wondering what happened (I know that sounds mean, at least she’s not such a bad actress…) and Brooke Shields is supposed to be a high strung business woman however she is always frazzled about some small disaster or another… Kim Raver isn’t so bad- if you’re a fan of 24 then you’ll have trouble adjusting to her new role as a married woman who cheats on her husband though.
As a comparison to Sex and the City, I don’t think it matches up either. I think friendship wise it might be closer to that of the SATC foursome, but you can’t replace Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and especially not Samantha in my mind.
I would definitely suggest that if you have a free hour you try and catch an episode because I’m personally hooked on both, but definitely don’t try to replace your Sex and the City… stick to the re-runs! ❤

Ladies from Cashmere Mafia: Juliet, Caitlin, Zoe and Mia (from left to right)

Ladies from Lipstick Jungle: Victory, Wendy, Nico (from left to right)


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