Last Night’s Concert!


Well last night was the Faber Drive/ Brian Melo/ Hello Operator concert.It was fabulous.Really, amazing. I had a really great time. There weren’t a lot of people either, only about 300. Le National (the venue) is really small to begin with, but can fit like 700 people so it wasn’t that bad at all.
First on stage was Hello Operator. I wasn’t sure about H. Operator at first because I didn’t like the stuff I’d heard, but I think they sounded really great live. They blew me away with one song called Take Me Away, which I can’t find ANYWHERE.
After them, Brian Melo came onstage and I was REALLY excited. I watched Brian on Canadian Idol from practically the beginning and wanted him to win from the first song I’d heard him sing. We were pretty close to the stage for him, like 3 rows back to the side. I got a few good pictures of him. He doesn’t look how I had imagined. For starters, I thought he was a bit taller and a bit skinnier. I was surprised to find out he’s a bit shorter then me, and he’s kind of built. He looked good. I reallyyy enjoyed his set. He played all my favorite songs off his album, and his band was really fantastic and opened up with this really crazy Metal song.. It was B. Melo’s last show on the tour so at one point during his set Faber ran out and placed a gift behind Brian. After the song was over Brian opened it up and it was a pair of tighty whities that said ” I ❤ Brian!” He was pretty touched I think and laughed and said “I lovee you Faber!” and threw the underwear in the crowd. Later towards the end of his set the whole band came out and threw confetti and what not in the air and Jeremy gave a speech saying thank you to Brian for coming along with them, etc. It was reallyy cute to watch because all the guys hugged and Faber and Brian gave a speech before Faber went off stage. You could really tell that the guys loved having Brian along and that they would miss him!
Around 9:30pm Faber Drive finally came onstage and I absolutely loved them. They had a really good time on stage and played most of their songs off their album. They also did a cover of the song Paralyzer by Finger 11 in their Encore and I really loved it. Faber was really fun to watch on stage because he’s really tall and skinny and he did all these hilarious hand gestures. We were on Hinsley’s side of the stage and Jeremy often ran over from his side and threw him off balance and they would joke around a lot and what not. It was really fantastic! The band also gave away some free stuff in the middle of the show and I almost caught Faber (or Hinsley’s?) guitar pick, but the girl next to me picked it up. The best part was how much you could tell the band was having fun. Half the time you could barely hear them sing over the crowd, and Faber laughed and just put his mike to the crowd and let us sing a bunch of times. It was crazyy. Especially during Tongue Tied, Second Chance, When I’m With You.. and a couple others. My favorites of the night Were definitely Tongue Tied, Paralyzer, Sleepless Nights, Summer Fades to Fall, and When I’m With You.
At the end of the show Faber announced that they would be signing autographs at the back so we all got in line. I wasn’t as nervous really to meet Faber as I was for Hedley but also because Jenia told me how much easier they were to talk to. We were really far back in line and Jenn didn’t have long to wait so in two halfs we decided to go and see Brian Melo at his merch table. He was just chilling out and didn’t have that many people around so Jenia asked him if we could have pictures with him and he said of course. I probably nearly died when he put his arm around me but I think I managed alright. I was in a great mood after and Jenia’s picture turned out really well! I smiled and said thanks a lot to him and I have no idea what he said because it was longer then 2 words and I could not focus.. haha.
We finally reached Faber’s table and Jenn went in front of me since her mom was waiting for her already. The guys were doing pictures as well so we all paired up so we wouldn’t have a million cameras out. I took Jenn’s pictures with all the guys and Kathy took mine. The only crap part about that is that it’s REALLY hard to look good when you’re leaning across a table. Luckily the guys always look good… Briefly when I met them this is what happened… First it was Hinsley and I wasn’t really nervous minus the fact that he’s rather good looking. He’s a bit of a strange guy since he often looks drunk or out of it… So I said Hi! and He smiled and he was like “hello” and I asked him if he could sign my CD cover and he did.. then I asked him for a picture and he said of course.. so I went next to him (since he’s on the end) and Kathy grabbed a pic of him and I, and Jeremy I believe leaned in (like he did in everyone’s picture)… and I said thanks a lot and moved on to Jeremy who signed my CD cover and I said thanks and moved on… I couldn’t figure out if he was offended that I didn’t ask him for a picture, but I kind of assumed he was in the one with Hinsley. Next was Faber himself, and I think I was most nervous to meet him even though he’s like the friendliest guy ever. So I smiled and said Hi and he was like Heyy how’s it going… We talked for like 2 seconds and I asked him if he could sign my CD thing and he did.. (PS.. he has an awesome signature, it took him like 2 minutes to sign it… 2 awkward minutes because I had no freaking idea what to say) and I said thank you and asked if I could also have a picture and he said of COURSE… so he leaned forward and put his hand around him (I nearly died) and Kathy took the pic… (Which I later found out he stuck his tongue out like CRAZY… haha)… Anyways. Then I met Red who looks like the shyest guy in the world but turns out he talks the most… So I said Hi! And since I figured he was shy I was gonna just ask him to sign my CD cover but he jumped in and was like “hi how are you?” and I said “Oh I’m good thanks… you?” and he kind of looked sad for a second and was like “Oh, I’m okay. I’m actually really sick” and I told him that really sucks… Then he signed my CD thing and we took a picture together… and I told him thanks a lot and I really hope he feels better and he smiled and was like Thanks a lot! And then I managed to walk away without dying. I am not good with meeting bands or singers or.. famous people.
After that we were all just kind of hanging around doing nothing because we weren’t sure whether we were going out or not. We were going to go to Fouf’s for a bit because apparently the guys were gonna go and someone or other was invited that we were with.. or something.. but then Red wasn’t sure what was happening apparently because he was really sick (he told Jenn that he even had to lip sing some of his parts because he couldn’t do it!)… And by this time it was almost 12, so we figured it was too late anyway. While waiting around I went over to the Hello Operator merch table and two of the guys were chilling out (the lead singer and one of the guitarists)… This is going to sound weird, but I was convinced, absolutely CONVINCED that the lead singer was BLIND. I went up to him and I was like heyy do you think you guys could sign the back of my ticket? (The back because Brian Melo signed the front and took the whole ticket)… and when I asked them it did not look like the lead singer was looking at me, or anything at all for that matter. They smiled and said of course and both signed it and I said thanks and walked away… I thought it was weird that he’d be blind since he knows his way around stage and what not… Anyway I asked Kathy about it later and she told me that he’s wickedd cross-eyed, which makes sense. It doesn’t look like he’s ever looking at anything. It’s really an awkward feeling because you have no idea whether to look at them in their eyes or if they are self conscious or anything. Oh well. I thought it was pretty cool though because he’s a really good looking guy.. and I dont know, but his eyes made him look really sincere. They didn’t look crossed or anything he just appeared to have no idea what was in front of him…

Anyway enough about that. I had an absolute great time. Unfortunately Jenia and I only got home around 1:30 and to bed by 2, and we had to be up at 7:20 this morning. My eyes flew open with the alarm and Jenia clearly didn’t want to get up because you could tell she was as exhausted as I felt and she just walked out of the room to get ready. We left before 8am and I got home before 9. We both agreed that listening to Faber on our bus rides was incredibly depressing. Looking at pictures when I got home was probably worse for me. I’m REALLY excited to see my pics that Jenia and Kathy took of me with the different guys, so I’ll post pictures either tonight or tomorrow whenever they put their pictures up. Otherwise I put my own pictures and videos up on facebook!

Okay, it’s time to do something a little bit more product then writing an hour long blog. I finished another novel today, the one I bought in NYC. It’s Sophie Kinsella’s new novel called Remember Me? And I absolutely loved it. I love her writing, and the book was hilarious.

Alright. Homework, laundry… something!



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