Sundays Suck


Today = Crap.
I was supposed to have a lovely Sunday. Go out to Chapters with a friend, get some homework done and then do a group project this evening. What happened to my day? I cancelled my Chapters outing to do homework so that I would have time to do my group project. Then my group project got cancelled. So I watched a bunch of shows and lost track of time. When I finally realized I’d gotten nothing done, it was 4pm.
So now I’m stuck stressing AS USUAL. I have to get my QM homework done, read through my three french articles and figure out what I want to write for my outline, read an english story which is going to take like 2 hours apparently… And technically I should have cleaned my room this morning which I didn’t even do.
Tomorrow after school I was supposed to go finally get another group project done, but now that’s not working either and i’m REALLY annoyed because it’s been a month I’m trying to get it done.
I HATE group projects. Why do I have like four of them this semester? I work so much better on my own.
I hate this semester.
I want summer.
I am tired of homework.
Today is a really crap day.


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