just when I was losing interest…


Today was a really good Easter Sunday.
My brother and Vanessa came over for brunch, as well as Vanessa’s parents and brother. We ate around 3:30..and didn’t stop eating until practically 10pm. It was a lot of fun. My mom made tons of amazing food and I am really excited to wake up hungry tomorrow so I can eat left overss haha.
Anyway after eating we sat around, and then we played cards.. I sucked pretty bad today but it was nice seeing the family again. We usually do dinners and what not every week, but it hasn’t really been just the close fam in a while. So we all caught up.
Around 7ish I got tired of playing cards so I came upstairs and just chilled in my room. My brother ended up coming upstairs and he stayed with me until practically 10. We just hung out and ended up having a really good conversation that lasted like two hours or something.
We talked about really everything. We haven’t had one of our talks since before he moved out, so it was really cool to get his advice on some things..
I’m feeling a lot better about a lot of things such as school which I was quickly losing interest for. He just gave me tons of good ideas and.. anyway. I’m in a much better mood about my school stress and just everything in general.
I just hope I can remember the ideas he gave me.
I’m really tired now though. It’s almost 11 and around this time tomorrow I am going to be seeing Katlynne to work on our french oral for the afternoon. We present on Thursday and I’m pretty nervous. But I just have to remember to speak naturally and work hard and remembering my part. Well whatever I write for it anyway.
I can’t believe this long weekend is practically over. I haven’t got much homework done yet, but with my new perspective on things I’m feeling better and a lot less overwhelmed by everything.
We’ll see how things go by the end of the week!



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