Anberlinnnn Update <3


HAHA this guy is incredibly entertaining.

I can’t WAITT!! I love this band. I can’t wait.

I will be seeing them at WARPED TOUR and will just DIE.
I’m really excited to hit up Chapters because I found out that Stephen Christian the vocalist has a BOOK OUT? Check it out everyone… it’s called The Orphaned Anything’s. It’s probably going to be absolutely fantastic…

K, what else…
Well I might be going on vacation with the family this summer. It was a toss up between Myrtle Beach or Virginia Beach. I think we’re leaning towards the first one.
I think it might be during Warped though. I’m not sure.
It’s not for sure gonna happen, but NOTE TO SELF: Tell mom I would prefer it to be anytime AFTER July 20th.

K. It’s 9:30. School tomorrow.
French oral done… Just need to practice it now. Turns out i’m not allowed to use cue cards or ANYTHING. what the crap? I’m screwed.

Okok I just need to put my mind to it and I’ll be fine. I’m FRENCH for crying out loud.
Ok. I’m gonna go get my stuff ready for school tomorrow.
Ew a 4 day weekend is OVER.
This sucks.

Oh, speaking of my french project.
Here are some sweet pics me and Kay found and I really feel like sharing them because it took us a really long time to find them.Our project will kick ass.


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