Home Alone


So it’s Saturday night and I’m home alone… My mom is gone out to her mom dinner thing. I’m stuck in my room doing homework. I just spent the last 45 minutes reading an english story. Now I have to either a) do my QM homework or b) Write my Essay.
Both need to be done for Monday.

Anyway yesterday I worked 12 til 9:30. It went by pretty fast except I was reallyyy tired after. Kate picked me up from work, ,then Agnes and Selina came over to my house and we all hung out. I really missed seeing them so it was nice. Since Kate has her full license she got the idea of bringing me out driving, so at 1am we all got in her car and drove down St. Charles and yeahh. It was my first time driving in like 7 months.

Okay. I guess I should stop procrastinating homework. I only have like 5 hours until I’ll reallyyy need to get to bed. Definitely not enough. I have atleast one more hour of reading to do before my essay can start being written. Maybe I’ll do it the other way around.




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