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here’s a quote i found somewhere and i thought it was incredibly cute…

He’s gorgeous, but gorgeous is an understatement. More like you’re startled every time you see him because you notice something new in a “where’s Waldo” sort of way. More like you can’t stop writing third grade run on sentences because you can’t even remotely begin to describe something-someone- so inherently amazing. More like you’re afraid that if you stare at him too long, you’ll prove your parents right- that yes, your face will get stuck that way… but you don’t seem to mind. ❤

and here is a great french poem that a friend of mine wrote a while ago. if you ever read this, i love your poem! 🙂

Modération Difficile

Le clignememnt de tes yeux devenu pratiquement inexistant,
Aucun détail n’est négligé.
Souvenirs de lui cousus dans tes paupières,
Tu fermes les yeux, il est toujours là.

De l’espace entre chacun de tes dix doigts,
Bien trop de vide…
Que vos deux mains se complètent enfin,
Ce néant se doit d’être comblé.

Ton souffle ressent le besoin d’être entrecoupé du sien,
Vos visages qui s’effleurent tendrement.
Tu ne peux empêcher ton petit rire nerveux,
Ne t’en fait pas ma belle, tout ira bien.

Le contact se fait,
Si attendu, si doux soit-il.
Séparation impossible,
♥ Modération difficile♥…

Attention ma puce, tu pourrait tomber,
On ne sait jamais avec ton coeur tout mélangé.
Mais pas trop fort tout de même, laisse le temps passer.

Ouvre tes sentiments,
Parle moi de lui, parle lui.
Fait toi du bien, profites en,
Allez, raconte… ne te lasse surtout pas.

Regarde comme il te fait du bien,
Tu vis, tu souris, tu t’apprécies.
La fin de cette histoire est indéterminée,
Mais il y aura eu du bien dans cette rencontre.

Allez petite, l’incertitude est belle parfois,
L’imperferfection aussi.
Laisse toi aller, reste vraie,
Prend des riques et rêvasse un peu mais…

♥ la modération est parfois difficile♥

and here is a short story i found… it’s untitled.

In the deep night, something wakes the girl so abruptly she wonders what kind of danger may be lurking nearby. A creaking noise distracts her from her pounding heart, and she forces herself to listen carefully. The girl feels strangely detached from her own self however she instinctively knows she is physically safe and has something more important to do. She sits up from her sleeping position and finds herself to be staring down at her still sleeping self. The girl wonders if she is dreaming, but another noise, and then another tells her there is no time to be afraid. There is only time to WAKE UP. Frantically, the girl tries to yell for her mother, for her father, but there is not a sound that escapes her lips. The girl is afraid, so terribly afraid of her hopelessness, but she continues fighting to get out of this mirror reality. She sits on the side of her bed and stares down at her peaceful features still lying beside her. Although she cannot move any further, she knows she is in danger. Her mind is in so much pain, she needs to wake up. “Wake up”, she whispers, but her body does not move. “Wake UP”, she tries again a little louder, but her cries go unheard. Desperation takes hold of the girl, and she throws her arms onto her laying body in attempt to wake up. The danger is closer, the pain is stronger, and the girl wants to scream to her mother, to anyone for help. And then, she is screaming. She is herself, and she is safe.

and lastly, a brain teaser. let me know if you figure it out or if you want the answer!

John’s mother has three children. The oldest is a boy named Herbert, who has
brown eyes – everyone calls him Herb. Next younger is a girl named Penelope.
Everyone calls her Penny. The youngest child has green eyes and can wiggle his
ears. What is your guess as to how his mother named him?


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