With school, work and finals I haven’t really had time to update…
But it’s almost done thank GOD.
I have classes on Monday, then I have English Exit on Wednesday, Advanced QM on Friday, and at some point in between I have to hand in my history final.
I have like nothing left, I’m really happy. By Friday next week I should be done completely.
Besides, that, not much is new. I haven’t really had much time to myself, even though I’m one of the lucky few who has very little to do for the end of my semester.
I just really want to focus on my finals and make sure I don’t slack off at the very end and mess up my grades after all my incredibly hard work.

So my summer concerts and plans have changed a little bit.
I’m not going to NYC anymore, however I am going to…
The New Cities: June 5th
Hedley: July 2nd
Hedley: July 3rd
Warped Tour: July 20th
Faber Drive: August 26th

Plus, Hedley should be putting up a Montreal show and an Ottawa show which I’ll probably be going to!

Maybe if there is another one between July 3rd and July 10th for Montreal i’ll do that for my b-day. However I doubt it since Jake’s b-day is the 9th and I don’t think he’ll be in any condition to play a show (that’s my guess anyway)
I’m excited to plan my birthday though! There have been a lot of really awesome b-days this year so I’ll try and figure something out that is awesome

I’m also currently thinking of tattoo ideas. Something I need to run by my mom of course… Which I will do. I just want to come up with the idea that I want first.
Here are some ideas that have been thrown around (with help of people)
Let me know what you think…
1. Some sort of angel, (and maybe incorporate my dad’s and godfather’s initials)
2. Something musical…
-Small purple music notes on one of my wrists or going down my side
– Music notes on an actual sheet of music, with a treble clef, but only a couple bars from a song that I really love, and have the notes to the song on the sheet of music… probably somewhere on my back (I have no idea what song)

Those are my ideas so far, we’ll see what happens.

Current music on repeat:
1. Ride by Cary Brothers
2. Who You Are by Cary Brothers
3. When You’re Around by Motion City Soundtrack
4. Dead End Countdown by The New Cities
5. Quay by National Product
6. Damn Regret by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
7. Two As One by From First To Last

Ok. That’s enough. I’m going to go relax and watch some tv.
Work early tomorrow… I don’t want to think about it…



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  1. He may! Jakes did a show on July 9th last summer. Bluesfest in Ottawa. He was sober…from what I saw. They went out partying AFTER. So keep your fingers crossed!

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