Thank God


Thank God for concerts. They’ll probably keep me busy enough come a couple weeks to forget how total crap it is working full time and missing out on everything else.

June 5: New Cities
July 1: Jimmy Eat World
July 2: Hedley
July 3: Hedley
July 20: Warped Tour
August 5: Possibly BSB
August 9: Hedley
August 14: Boys Like Girls (hopefully? If someone wants to go with me)
August 26: Faber Drive
October 25: Hedley (Ottawa show!)

Band I WISH WOULD COME TO MONTREAL? Good one. National Product.

What else is new besides my constant music obsession…
Umm, not much.
Working 40 hours a week, and I’m already going half crazy because I half wish I just had time to have a social life, too.
Today is my only day off besides Saturday, and I have to do a 12-9:30 tomorrow. Ugh.
I’m enjoying just relaxing today, but at the same time I’m feeling really… blah.
So I’m listening to my ipod rather loudly, and am getting excited for THE NEW CITIES in… 9 days!

What else… well I’ve been doing a lot of reading in my down time. I’m just enjoying coming home after work and having NO homework. I still wake up trying to mentally check off what needs to be done in my head, until I realize… nothing. Nothing at ALL.
I know this summer will start looking up soon, It just started. I’m going to start saving money as soon as I get this incredible urge to shop out of the way. You’d think working in a mall would solve that, but no. It doesn’t.

Ok. Should go find something to do.


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