Lovelove <3

I don’t feel like writing much. But. The concert was… beyond amazing. I had a great time.

We got in line 2 hours early. Dave came and gave us a big hug and talked to us in line for a bit… He introduced us to Francis, another of the band members too. Which was really nice. We couldn’t believe he recognized us.
We got in front row on the stage for the show.
Their performance was the best I’ve seen from them yet!
At the end we got some pictures with Nick and Phil as well as some merch
On our way out Dave stopped us to say goodbye and gave us another big hug and we talked for a couple more minutes. We were so happy that he actually stopped us the way he did, right in the middle of his conversation.
We’re going to see them again July 12th.
Happy b-day to meee <3…

Last night after work I went to Unity with James, Kay, Agnes and Alex. We only got there around midnight, but we stayed until like 3am. They played some fantasticcc music and we ended the night with Rise Up by Yves Larock which was sickkk.
We were really tired by the end but it was really cool because we celebrated Unity’s 6th opening anniversary! The club was packed.


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