wow time is going so fast…


I can’t believe it’s already June 23rd. Time is FLYING. Countdowns are coming close to their dates…

July 1st: Canada Day- Jimmy Eat World concert with the ladies ❤
July 2nd: Hedley in Brossard with Jenia
July 3rd: Hedley in Laval with Agnes, Jenia, Laura
July 10th: MY BIRTHDAY! (I don’t even know what I’m doing yet)
July 12th: THE NEW CITIES in St-Jean With Jenia (SO EXCITEDD…)
July 20th: Warped Tour with Alex, Sean and Agnes!

And a little further away there’s…
August 9th: Hedley in St-Jean with Jenia
August 23rd: THE NEW CITIES at Club Soda with Jenia (yay! Dave said they’d come back to Montreal but we thought he sounded really un-sure….!!!!!)
August 26th: Faber Drive at the Bell Centre with Jenia and girls from Ottawa

Most of those July events are beginning in a WEEK already… I can’t believe it!

Anyways… today for some reason I woke up at 7:45am… I was sleeping really lightly and having all these weird concert dreams. It was so random.
But I’m wide awake and I’m working a 12-9:30 today. Eww.
Atleast I don’t have anything else to do,
and I have tomorrow off and most of the rest of the week until the weekend.

Mostly, I just can’t wait for the concerts to start.
Although I know I’ll be totally exhausted by July 4th… Hah.

Okay. Breakfast time…



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