July 4th


I can’t believe these past 3 days happened, let alone already over.
I had an amazing week…
Below are some of the pics I took during the 3 days… All my other pics are up on facebook, and soon I’ll post the awesome videos on youtube!
Anyways- so Canada Day was a really great day- Me, Agnes, Selina and Kate got together and had dinner at Three Amigos before heading to Le Medley. There really weren’t a lot of people when we got there at 7pm, so we got practically front row which was really exciting!
The opening band was called Attack in Black and they had some really good songs but they were really shy and didn’t really talk at all which was incredibly boring
But when Jimmy Eat World came on… Wow did the place change
Half the time you couldn’t even hear them singing because honestly the crowd was just singing too loud
It was fantastic! They played a lot of my favorite songs… Of course they opened with Big Casino, and they played Sweetness next which really started it off great for me. They played other of my favorites including Dizzy, Work, Always Be, Pain, Bleed American, Hear You Me, Praise Chorus, Let it Happen.. and OF COURSE during the encore they played THE MIDDLE ❤ which was absolutely amazing
Jimmy Eat World was definitely one of my top five best concerts EVER. I can’t wait for them to come back!

July 2nd I woke up really tired, but really excited to see Hedley anyway. I headed to Jenia’s house for 10:30am and we met Karen and Kathy in Longeuil around 12. We headed to their apartment to drop off our stuff, and then went straight to L’Etoile- we were there really early, like 2pm so we walked through the shopping CITY and headed for some lunch at Quizzno’s.
We weren’t very far down the line at all but then the security guards let us all in and the line got all messed up inside because they didn’t direct anyone at all. It really sucked because a lot of people that got there HOURS after us got in a while before we did. But it’s okay because we got first and 2nd row on Tom’s side anyway.
The show itself was kind of crappy because apparently the guys lost their bus and half their equipment so if Jake wasn’t near us we couldn’t even hear him sing
We were really disappointed but I got a couple good pictures which was cool.
Also, the Johnstones sounded really good that night and I got some cool pics of them too!

Anyway, after that we went for autographs and I was really excited but the line was moving really fast, and I got stuck behind this girl that had Hedley tatooed on her neck so all the guys were totally distracted. That was also pretty disappointing, but I got my ticket signed anyway.
Afterwards, we decided that the night sucked so that we should try and make it a bit better
We headed to Fouf’s downtown around 11:30
it was super boring until about 12:30 am

The Johnstones showed up and one of the guys randomly came up to us and started chatting us up. We got a table and got to know him a bit better. When he found out we’d been to the show and were going back the next day he got really excited (and drunk)
He also got really attached to Jenia and he decided that they should get married,
So I was the mad of honor
Kathy was the best man
and Karen was the priest
and We totally married them in Fouf’s
It was aboslutely hilarious
We had a lot of fun with him and also two of the other band members (when they weren’t all over a bunch of girls)
But Brent (the guy who married Jenia) wasn’t into that at all, he just wanted to chill and drink
He told Jenia to go see him after the show the next day and he promised he’d remember us so we said we’d see about that.
We got back to Karen and Kathy’s at 5am.

Woke up at 10am on Wednesday and me and Jenia headed back to her house.
We decided that we’d go to her house for her to get ready, and then back to my house so I could get ready before Agnes picked us up for the Laval show
We headed to Laval and got to the venue a little bit before 5pm
We also decided we didn’t want to be front row like the night before so we sat on a bench and decided we’d head in only after the whole lineup had
Turns out we chose a bench right by the side door where all the band members were hanging out so we got to see them all play some soccer before the show, and Jenia’s friend Sean came to keep us company for 20 minutes or so at one point
It was one of the more comfortable concert waits I’ve had because I got to sit in the sun the whole time! Hah, it was great.
We finally headed inside,
and turns out it was all seating. It was really strange but we got a pretty good seat to watch from
The show started really quickly and I filmed a bunch of the Johnstones performance, including the drummer ryan’s solo because it was totally awesome
After their set we met up with some of Jenia’s friends and we sat much closer to the stage (even though we stood during the show, we actually had personal space)
i didn’t get a lot of good pictures at this show, but the sound was a MILLION times better then the night before and it was really great to sing along to
The show was really great, but after seeing the line up to get Hedley autographs we decided that we didn’t want to do that again, especially seeing how it was going even faster then the night before
So instead we decided to leave… and as we walked outside we ran into the Johnstones
So we went to Brent and said hello and he recognized us right away, so we talked to him for 20 minutes or so. Ryan came to say hello too, and surprisingly he remembered us from Fouf’s even though he had been totally wasted. It was really weird to have seen them on stage and then be chatting with them after… But it was really cool anyway.
The band really grew on me this past week and I’m really looking forward to seeing them at Warped!
Anyway so Brent invited us out tonight and he got Jenia’s number to keep in touch. Unfortunately i work at 8:30am tomorrow so I decided not to go out… Boo.

But overall I had a really great time, and I can’t WAIT until next Saturday for The New Cities show in St- Jean with Jenia. It’s going to be fantastic
Oh, and turns out, the Johnstones are super close to TNC, so if we hang out with them again there are good chances TNC tag along (they were supposed to go to fouf’s, but never showed)
So we’ll see!

I’m glad to be home and FINALLY get some sleep, but I’m really sad that it’s all over…
Anyways- here are some pictures from the show!

I couldn’t get a good picture of Jake all night- but he lifted his shirt for 2 seconds and I got it…

Dave during Hand Grenade with my favorite guitar EVERR


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