Most Amazing Weekend EVER <3


I knew this past weekend was going to be good, but it passed my expectations by a mile.

Saturday was my birthday BBQ and I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Jenia came over at 2 and Alex, Agnes and James came over around 4 and we all headed out to do groceries and to set up for later that night.
Everything was ready by 6:30 and we just hung out in my gazebo outside until people started showing up. My hallmark girls ended up coming and got me balloons and a gift which was really sweet.
The whole night people came and left but overall probably close to 20 people were there at some points.
The people who helped me set up helped me clean up a lot during the night and my brother and Vanessa were around to help to so I could actually enjoy the BBQ a bit. Thanks guys ❤

After everyone left there was only me, Agnes, Alex and James left because they were sleeping over. My mom was out of town for the weekend so we had the house to ourselves. After some slight drinking issues, we all managed to get to bed at 3am to be awake at bright and early 7am for Warped on Sunday.

Sunday morning was tough. We all dragged ourselves out of bed and met Jenia at Dorval for 8:45 before heading to Parc Jean Drapeau. We waited in a huge line up but somehow made it in for 11:30 am without falling on our faces.
We quickly got a hang of where all the stages were and ran to see the Academy is for 11:30
I was incredibly impressed, I’ll be honest. William Beckett (lead vocals) sounds the EXACT same live as he does on CD. I actually recognized most of the songs and I got a good video of their song Slow Down. It was a GREAT way to start off the day.

After the Academy is we moved to the stage next door to see Relient K, but me and Jenia ended up going for a walk during that show and only came back towards the end.
Everyone cleared the stage after Relient K which was great for us because Jack’s Mannequin was up next and I was VERY excited to actually see Andrew McMahon live. I’ve been a fan of his since his first CD of Something Corporate came out.
We got front row for the show and it was absolutely AMAZING. He played all the best of Jack’s Mannequin and I was so impressed with him live. He had a lot of energy and he was so into his music. I can’t wait to see them come back to Montreal.
They got off stage around 1:30 and we decided to go grab a bite to eat at that point. We thought Anberlin was going onstage at 2:30 so we headed towards there for 2 and caught most of the Cobra Starship show. There was a huge ton of people. Around 2:20 we started to notice that the “Anberlin” crowd was huge metal-heads.. and we only then realized that Pennywise was playing 2:30 and Anberlin at 3:30. We managed to get out of the crowd alive, and wasted time near the Union stage until 3 before going BACK for Anberlin
We got front row for Anberlin too, I was SO PSYCHED.
They were amazing.
Absolutely AMAZING.
Stephen was constantly in awe at the huge crowd and how much we were loving them. He kept smiling and laughing and telling us that this was by far the best Canadian show, and oh my god does he ever love Canada. ❤
Towards the end of their set he kicked stuff out of his way from the stage and jumped right into the crowd to show some love. See picture below! It was phenomenal.
After the amazing Anberlin show we weren’t quite sure what to do with ourselves. We took some pictures, and headed towards Union stage again because our next show was the Johnstones at 4:40.
Their set was a lot of fun because I actually know most of their songs now. They came on stage in diapers and bibs which was absolutely hilarious. We were front row for their set too.
Towards the end of their show it started raining and it decided not to stop. That started to bring us down a bit so we stood under a tree. Not long after they got off stage Julien, David and Nick from The New Cities showed up. Turns out the Johnstones got them in for free to see them play so they came by their Merch table to say hello. Jessica and Sophie were talking to them so we all went to stand with them in our lovely sweaters and hoods and wet-ness.
I was surprised that they recognized us but Julien said hey to me and Nick waved to Jenia. Sophie had an umbrella that she wasn’t using so she gave it to us so that we’d look a bit more normal. Jenia couldn’t open it so I took it from her and accidentally wet Nick… I felt terrible and apologized but he just laughed hahah. So we were like 5 people huddled under an umbrella. Then David turned around and laughed at us for looking so ridiculous under the umbrella.

They ended up leaving not long after and we were stuck waiting around for over an hour for our next show, We the Kings at 6:45. We stayed under the tree most of the time and got some space under the Johnstones merch table too.
We went for a short walk at one point and I went to the Anberlin merch table and got a bracelet/USB with some new songs on it as well as a limited edition vinyl of some of their tracks.
We then slowly made our way to our next show, We the Kings.
We got there like 5 minutes before they went on because we didn’t want to stand in the rain longer then we had to so we were stuck at the back, but Jenia and Alex had a great time dancing around while me and Agnes laughed and sang along.
They were a lot of fun on stage in the end, but by this time I was really really exhausted.
After their set we decided to call it a day. Jenia and I were supposed to go to Fouf’s but we were so tired we couldn’t even think of going aywhere but home.

We ended up going for a nice late dinner Agnes, Alex Jenia and I at Rockaberry’s by my house. It was a great way to end an absolutely perfect day. We all talked about our fun and Jenia and I even had a little bonding moment in the bathroom (That sounds weird but I know she’ll understand that one).

I had an amazing weekend. Check the pictures below for some of the fun:
You can also check out my youtube account for videos which are slowly being uploaded:

And my facebook for all my pictures.
Time to get ready for work!!


The crowd for Anberlin

Stephen Christian of Anberlin ❤

Stephen giving some love to the crowd

The Johnstones in their diapers

Agnes, Alex, James, Jenia and I on Saturday at my BBQ

My BBQ with my favorite people ❤

The four of us at Warped!!

Andrew McMahon of Jack’s Mannequin <33

William Beckett of the Academy is…


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  1. I HAD SO MUCH FUN WOMAN. Warped has to NOT be once a year. We’ll all have to go to a show very soon. I loved our bonding moment♥♥ Love you

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