What’s Up?!


Well since Warped weekend I’ve been keeping busyy…
Monday I was really exhausted from the weekend so I slept in and then uploaded pictures and videos until I left for work at 3
Tuesday Agnes James and Jenia came over and we went shopping at Carrefour Laval. I spent a lot of money… I bought a gorgeous new purse <3, some new movies and a couple new tops.
We then went to pick up Alex, went for a quick dinner and then went to see BATMAN: Dark Knight… It was absolutely amazing. Heath Ledger did a great job.
Wednesday all I did was work 12-9:30 and then I went over to Anthony’s house until really late to watch movies
And today Jenia Alex James and Agnes came over in the afternoon and we watched a movie in my basement, had dinner and then just relaxed… And Anthony was just over for a little bit after work.

Luckily I’ve actually had things to do because it’s the first time I’ve had internet since Monday and I was going crazy without being able to check e-mails.
I’m not sure why but my internet stopped working so now I’m just working off someone else’s home network. Great. I’ll try not to do that too much because I have actually no idea how safe that is…

Anyways concert updates:
August 5th: Backstreet Boys at Bell Center
August 9th: Hedley in St-Jean with Jenia and Agnes
August 22nd: Jack’s Mannequin and Paramore at Metropolis! (I’m so excited!!)
August 23rd: Benefit concert at Club Soda with THE NEW CITIES headlining!
I’m very, very excited for that show!
And lastly… It’s not for sure that I can go but hopefully:
August 26th: Faber Drive, Metro Station, Cute is What We Aim For and (simple plan) at Bell Center!

It’s really strange because it feels like I don’t even have a lot of shows coming up…
Luckily The Academy Is and We the Kings said they would be touring in the fall and would stop by Montreal so I’m really looking forward to that too!


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