Something About The Summer…


I just realized that I am incredibly happy right now.
This summer has turned out amazing so far
And there is still stuff happening:

August 5th: BSB
August 8th: Sisterhood 2 movie
August 9th: Hedley in St-Jean/ Fouf’s
August 22nd: Jack’s Mannequin/Paramore
August 23rd: The New Cities

And probably tons of other random days and nights like the ones in these last few weeks.

(this is far off but I’m excited)
September 27th: The Johnstones at Club Soda!

This week has been really fantastic. Since my birthday BBQ I haven’t had a moment to myself besides today… But I loved all of it.
Today I might be going downtown with Jenia to pick up our VIP passes at Club Soda, but I’m really tired so I don’t know if that’ll happen. Later tonight though I think James Agnes and I are going to go to the Old Port and watch the La Ronde fireworks and just catch up. Ever since NYC we always need a bit of “us three” time.

Anyways for now I’m going to go and clean my room up and see what I’ll be doing for the day!


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