Why is it Always Raining?


I honestly can’t remember the last day that they didn’t say there might be a chance of rain, or that it didn’t actually rain. I really want this last month of summer to be gorgeous so I can actually get a noticeable tan.
I’ve been keeping busy, like my new usual…
Saturday I had James, Jenia, and Agnes over. We were supposed to go downtown just Agnes James and I but it rained (surprise) so we ended up staying in. Selina came by to say hello to at one point… Anyways we ended up playing Taboo in my basement before heading for a late night dinner at McDonald’s. Then we just laughed like crazy in my basement until practically 1am.
Lucky me, I got to wake up bright and early Sunday to go to work!
Then after work on Sunday Agnes and Jenia picked me up at Fairview and we went downtown. We were supposed to help promote the August 23rd show at Club Soda but that didn’t end up working out at all, so we walked past Place Des Arts and had dinner at Nickels, then came home. I got home by 9:15 and got to say hi to my family who were over for dinner.
Today I also got to wake up bright and early. James picked me up at 9:30am and we headed towards downtown to get his car inspected before his trip to Myrtle Beach (boo!)
We talked for the hour and a half that it took, and then headed downtown for lunch. We met up with James’ mom and did some shopping before attempting to go on a little adventure that did not work out whatsoever. But James and I had lots of fun hanging out just us two since we’d actually never done that. We even sang along to the almost good looking hobo playing guitar at Peel metro!
He ended up driving me home for about 3:30pm, and I’ve just been relaxing ever since. I ended up watching the Bucket List and it was much better then I thought. I actually cried at the end because it was incredibly sad.
Now I’m actually supposed to be cleaning my room, but I really can’t get the courage to do it. I just wish it would clean itself.
Tomorrow I am FINALLY going to get my hair cut, and then I should be seeing the gang again (Jenia Agnes James and Alex)… So we’ll see what happens there.

I actually can’t believe that James Alex and Jenia are all going on vacation for 2 weeks at the exact same time, leaving me and Agnes all alone. We’re going to be incredibly sad without our other… 3/5ths… Haha.

Anyways, I guess I’ll go and try to pick up my room a bit.
Here’s some good music to check out if you haven’t heard it already:

1. Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings
2. Bank by the Johnstones
3. Leaders of the Mislead by The New Cities
4. Bruised by Jack’s Mannequin
5. About a Girl by The Academy Is…



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