and the work week begins…


So today I’m taking a personal day.. well personal afternoon because I work at 5.
I’ve been watching movies and blasting music all afternoon because my mom went out so I have the house to myself. It feels good to just relax for a little bit.
Anyway, nothing much has happend in the last couple days. Yesterday I got my hair done and then I went shopping with Agnes James Alex and Jenia. We got James’ birthday gift now because he is getting ready to go to Myrtle beach at the end of next week.
That’s about it.
Everyone that I’ve been seeing a lot of is going on vacation next week so I think we all took advantage and hung out like crazy these past couple weeks. So I guess I’ll be having a really calm next 2 weeks, although hopefully not. There’s still a couple concerts to go before everyone leaves:

BSB with Agnes James and Chelsea on Tuesday the 5th (6 days!)
and Hedley with Jenia Agnes and the girls on Saturday the 9th (10 days!)
And on that friday night (the 8th) I’m going to see the Sisterhood movie with Agnes and Jenia.

After that hopefully Agnes and I will find ways to keep busy… We’re not really used to being all alone especially after a summer like this one.
I’m really going to miss everyone when they leave… I haven’t laughed the way I did with them this past week in quite a while I think ❤

Anyways I have to go to work in about 2 hours so I’m going to try and find something to do until then…


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