not a good way to start off august…


i can’t believe that my hours got cut by more then half for the next 2 weeks. i have no idea how i’m going to manage to pay my bills on 15 hours a week.
Because of this, I also had to cancel the Hedley show in St. Jean with Jenia and Agnes.
Besides, my boss made a mistake and scheduled me to work on that Sunday at 10am…
Which REALLY sucks, because if I wasn’t working that day I would of gone (Jenia offered to pay)… however since I’m clearly not working a lot I should take what I get.
I really, really really want to just pay off my credit card once and for all, pay off my bills for the month, and put away a ton of money for Europe.
I want that vacation so bad
And now everyone is leaving on vacation… I really hope this last month isn’t going to be total crap compared to the last 2 months

Atleast I still have Backstreet Boys and the Sisterhood to be looking forward to next week…. And then The New Cities and Jack’s Mannequin right before school.
That’s something.

Anyways, off to work my 12-930!

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