Summer Winding Down…


Well today hasn’t turned into the day it was supposed to. I was going to go downtown (once again) to pick up my VIP club soda pass and then hang out in the Old Port, however I got stuck staying home because of chores and because I felt really nauseous all morning.
Instead of going out I updated my computer for about three hours because my brother reformatted it last night and there was nothing on it.
But now it’s done and I’m feeling much better knowing that everything is in place.
All I have left to do today is chores that I’ve been putting off and that I really have no other time to do but today. So it’s gotta get done.

Anyways, things are calming down a bit for me…
This weekend was pretty low key. Saturday I went to a baby shower for a couple hours with my family and Sunday I went to work and headed to Agnes’ house. Since James won’t be around for his birthday (he’ll be in Myrtle) we decided to get together our usual five-some and celebrate a little bit early.
We had a good time just relaxing indoors. We had dinner, played some karaoke and took some pictures. I really am going to miss James Alex and Jenia when they all leave for two weeks, but hopefully Agnes and I will figure out how to keep busy without the crazies around.

And besides that, BSB concert tomorrow night! ❤
I am very excited even though it’s at the Bell Center. I much prefer small shows, but I love BSB and haven’t seen them in concert in 9 years… And I’m going with some of my favorite people so it’s going to be really awesome. I’ll post pictures before work Wednesday or something.


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