Absolutely UNREAL <3


The Backstreet Boys concert last night was totally surreal. I can’t believe that they’ve been together for 15 years and still manage to fill a 23 000 person stadium.
Take a look at the pictures I posted below, as well as my youtube account at: www.youtube.com/mliss024 for all the best videos!

The concert was absolutely amazing, probably in my top 3 of the summer.
Girlicious opened up for the guys and besides being absolutely hilarious, they managed to get us even more stoked for BSB.

BSB came on around 8:45 and I can honestly admit that I’ve never ever been so excited for a show, EVER… And I’ve been pretty excited in the past. They opened up with a boxing ring and were introduced each in their own corner on the big screen. I filmed it of course, but I was shaking uncontrollably so the first minute of that video is total crap.

Their opening scene was followed with their opening song: Larger than Life. It was absolutely amazing. Afterwards they played quite a few songs of their newest album Unbreakable (it was after all the Unbreakable tour). They then spent the last hour singing the old and best stuff. Some of my favorites that I also got videos of: I want it that way, show me the meaning of being lonely, incomplete, quit playing games with my heart, all I have to give, as long as you love me, inconsolable, the one, more than that, the call, everybody, and for their Encore performance they played shape of my heart. My personal favorites were probably ‘Everybody’ because there was so much energy during that entire song… As well as quit playing games with my ❤ because they had the music video playing on the big screen and it was one of my favorites when I was younger.

Even though the guys are much older now, they still totally amaze me and they all still have their charm. Brian joked during the entire show making faces, and before his solo song he made us all laugh with his little monologue. Nick is still his cute self and he tried to woo the girls the entire time… During ‘Everybody’ he undid his zipper which was absolutely hilarious and I can’t believe I got it on video. Nick also at one point got really excited and jump off the stage and nearly threw himself over the barricade into the crowd… I couldn’t believe that we weren’t closer but I got that on video too.

I was incredibly impressed with their solo performances as well. Howie wasn’t exactly what I expected for a first album but it was alright anyway, AJ’s first album is going to be very original according to his performance, Nick’s voice absolutely BLEW me away during his performance and Brian was absolutely amazing too I was so happy that they were able to show off their individual talent as well.

We had really amazing seats nonetheless; I got some really great pictures that I’m really happy about.

I’m also really proud of these guys because they haven’t changed over the years. Some bands you can tell that the fame really hit them, but BSB were total gentlemen on stage the entire night and they did a huge Thank You to the crowd for allowing them to make music together for so long. I am really proud to say that I’ve been such a fan from the beginning.
It’s concerts like this one that remind me why I love music so much and why more specifically this band will never ever get old, I don’t care how old I get.
I’m going through a BSB withdrawal phase now and am listening to all their albums all over again.

It’s still love, over 10 years later.


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