and then there were TWO…


Well there are officially only two of us left in our fivesome… Agnes and I until Sunday night when James and Alex come home.
I’m not quite sure how we’ll keep ourselves busy until then, especially for me because I hardly work, but hopefully we’ll find something to do.
Today I actually have a long shift to not look forward to, 1-9:30… Great.

Atleast things like this are keeping me happy:


AND- in exactly one week THE NEW the Academy is… album comes out!! YAY!

I am currently addicted to the following songs:

1. The Phrase that Pays- The Academy is…
2. Check Yes Juliet- We The Kings
3. Bruised- Jack’s Mannequin
4. Downpour- Backstreet Boys
5. Believe Me I’m Lying- Forever the Sickest Kids

Besides that, I am listening to anything that is by The Academy is… and Jack’s Mannequin. I’ve also started listening to these two bands that are opening for Jack’s M/Paramore called Paper Route and Phantom Planet. They aren’t that bad at all.

And I have to mention what a great night I had yesterday with Agnes and Jenia. It was Jenia’s last night in town so we went over to her house and sat in her basement and caught up on this High School Musical thing… we watched both movies back to back. We nearly went crazy, but WE DID IT. I laughed the entire way through the first one… And in the second one I almost took it seriously until Zac’s little solo song on the hills. Then all three of us just died in fits of laughter. I’m gonna miss that girl while she’s gone ❤

Time to get ready for work!!



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