pretty amazing weekend? i think so.


This weekend turned out to be really great.
I was supposed to do nothing

I enjoyed the entire beautiful 48 hours.
Yesterday, like I said I was with Jess outside…
And today my family ended up going to the beach!
We ate tons of food and took some pictures…
It was a bit cold at first but then around 2 I fell asleep in the sun with my brother until almost 4.
I got to tan a little 🙂
The first picture below is from the car ride there- I don’t know if you can tell but the cloud in the sky actually has a silver lining. I’ve never seen that and I was beyond amused and had to share.
The next is just a picture of me and Vanessa that I happend to like from mid-afternoon.
Yup, this weekend was pretty stellar…
I’m already picturing next weekend, it’ll be just as great!


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