JM is love.


last night’s Jack’s Mannequin performance was AMAZING.
only 2 things went wrong last night:
1. it was a sold out show therefore WAY too many people… so we were all stuck really far back (which lead to very terrible pictures… and then my camera died)
2. i felt sick during paramore and had to leave before it was over

but I got to see all of Jack’s Mannequin and I sang my absolute heart out.
I think if I ever meet andrew mcmahon my life will just be complete.

oh and i met this band in line yesterday called ‘phone calls from home’… they were selling their cd’s and the lead singer (Dave) came up to us and I think he did pretty well… he said he’d never sold 4 cds to one group. he had even told us ‘how about one of you buys it and you all burn it from each other’…. or something like that haha.
but they seemed really nice and i was listening to them and they are pretty good.
so you can check them out on myspace.

i won’t be posting very much from last night’s show because i only got a couple JM videos and almost all my pictures turned out to be crap. I’m looking forward to tonight because it’s the TNC show and we are for SURE front row.

Marking that on the calendar:
a) new Jack’s Mannequin album
b) new Anberlin album



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