It’s almost 4pm and I was supposed to do some homework today, but I just haven’t had ANY energy to do it. None at all.
Hopefully tonight I’ll atleast get some reading done since I seem to have a lot of that to do too.

Anyways- I had a really great weekend like I thought I would! It was really nice to hang out with the girls on Friday night. I always feel so perfectly at home when I’m with them. Selina made us a really yummy dinner and then we drank 3 bottles of wine, went late-night shopping, and ate fondue. It was a lot of fun ❤
Yesterday I got to leave work at 1:30… I don’t know why but I was just so exhausted so my mom picked me up and I ended up relaxing at home.
At night James and Alex picked me up and I went over to Jenia’s house for her birthday party get -together thing. We had a lot of fun all hanging out, eating TOO MUCH junk food and singing to a lot of good music. I was one of the few to come home instead of sleeping over because I knew that I needed a good night’s sleep after sleeping so terribly the night before. Agnes drove me home but we stayed until after midnight so we could wish jenia and official happy birthday!

Time is going by so fast these days, I can hardly keep track of what’s going on. Another week is starting up at school tomorrow, but lucky me I don’t really have to go in at all. I only work at 2 which kind of sucks but I’ll be happy to get the paycheck I’m sure.

I really need to focus on some homework. How am I going to do this for another 13 weeks? It’s already too much, and there’s practically nothing to do.
I can’t WAIT for school to be over…


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