I just wanted to post a couple pictures from Jenia’s birthday because they turned out really great.
It was such a fun night and I think it reminds all of us how blessed we are to have one another.
It reminded me a lot of my birthday this year, because Jenia’s mom put together this card with a little something from all of us in it- and it was a lot like the DVD that Agnes made me with a little something from all my friends in it.
I honestly love birthdays because I remember how amazing I felt at mine and I want my friends to be able to feel that way on their birthday too.
I don’t think there’s any feeling better then the one of being surrounded by the people who matter most.

I’m glad you liked your card Jen 🙂 ❤

I miss this past summer so much, I just keep thinking of how perfect each day was…

And I honestly can’t wait until next year, because I’m sure nothing will have changed

I’m just so glad to have nights, and weekends like this past one to remind me that these people are here to stay <33


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  1. this blog got me all have no idea how lucky i am to have friends like you guys, it’s crazy how much i love you all!xothanks for everything, seriously.

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