Lovee <3


I can’t stop listening to the new Jack’s Mannequin CD. It is so perfect.

[the making of]

I really should do some homework. It really needs to get done.
But I just can’t focus on this paper… I don’t know why.
My mind is just running a mile a minute.

I can’t WAIT until next weekend. This week is going to be absolutely ETERNAL. Especially working Monday and Thursday.

Friday: Going to Unity for James’ very belated birthday
Saturday: The Johnstones at Club Soda and then Fouf’s with the girls
Sunday: St. Adèle with Jenia and Kelly for The New Cities… Also DAY ONE of filming for the documentary
Monday: ONE CLASS. Then going to see The New Cities play at Algonquin College in Ottawa for DAY TWO of filming for the documentary.

Exhausted won’t even come close to describing Jenia and I Tuesday morning for class.
But who cares. It’s going to be beyond FANTASTIC.


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