Well things really have NOT slowed down in over a week for me now.
Today I got to come home from school and just relax. Not that I exactly have the time with all the homework I have, but I just needed to do nothing for a couple hours. Now it’s back to stressing.
I just wanted to quickly post a couple pictures that I thought were worth the time to. The first one is me and Jenia in TNC’s van on the way home. It was a week today since that insane weekend… I actually never even got yelled at when I went to work. My boss offered me a raise instead… Go figure.

These next two pictures are from this past Saturday night. Selina Agnes Kate and I went to see A-Track and Boys Noize at the Telus Theater downtown for Kate’s birthday. We had a really good time! We left before Boys Noize because the show was turning out to be really long and it was already 2am by the time he came on stage.. We had a lot of fun nonetheless, and ended up going to Mcdonald’s before heading home.

There isn’t really anything else new right now. GIRLS NIGHT is in about 2 days and I couldn’t be more excited. I bought a Koivu shirt for the occasion when i was with Jenia and Jenn downtown this weekend.
I’m honestly just hoping that I get through all this homework that I have on time. I’m so tired and un-motivated… But I can’t imagine failing a class and going back to school next semester.
Well, if I do… I’ll know why.
I can’t wait for classes to be over and I can just make money and go to shows and have a good time.
No stress.
WHICH reminds me. I have an interview at Chapters on Friday before Girls’ Night.
Wish me luck!


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