New Home?!

Well, maybe not yet… But I’m pretty sure all 6 of us could move into the hotel room we spent Friday night in at the Sheraton Hotel.
Besides the fact that out of three keys only one of them worked (and that got us in trouble a couple times), the night couldn’t have been better.
After visiting Crescent street for a little bit we went back to the hotel room and spent a greater part of the night in it. We ate way too much, took a lot of random pictures, ran around in lots of circles and of course watched the first Habs game of the season in our Habs gear.

We took some bitchin’ family portraits

We thought it was pretty cool… Except that I’m in red and Laura doesn’t have a 1 on her jersey!

We attempted to take a picture in the elevator mirror… I think that elevator is the one thing I won’t miss from that hotel- me and Jenia felt sick EVERY single time…

This picture is a bit random but it shows off about half the room… I still can’t believe how BIG it was…

The next morning Agnes had to leave early around 12, but the rest of us walked to Chez Cora and had a fantastic breakfast, which we decided really needs to happen more often. Then Lisa and Laura said their goodbyes and Jenn, Jenia and I went back to the hotel room.

Check-out was only at 4, and two of the guys from The New Cities were coming by around 2 to do get some interview footage for the documentary. They showed up around 2:30, and once security let us back in our room (of course we didn’t have the right key) we got some really good footage. We did half the interview outside which was a lot more complicated then we’d imagine, because apparently most of downtown Montreal is private property. We settled on a street corner and finished the interview there- complete with homeless friends and nearly making Jenia go deaf.

By the time I got home around 6 that night I was beyond exhausted, but I can’t really complain because I had an absolutely amazing weekend. I can’t wait to do it all over again in spring- These girls’ nights are definitely becoming a tradition.


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