Personal Afternoon!


Well, surprisingly I’ve had a couple hours to myself in the last couple days… something that actually feels completely new to me. It’s really weird sitting at home right now and knowing that I don’t really have to move for HOURS. I have to do homework, but I get to do it in the comfort of my own home!
I’ve been incredibly non-stop busy, even since my previous post. After our Girls’ Night I had to get back to school and write my humanities paper. I worked Monday, started my new job at Chapters on Tuesday, did my community service Wednesday, worked Thursday, and yesterday I went downtown with Jenia. We were supposed to get our OPUS bus pass picture thing, but as usual the line up was ETERNAL and we didn’t make it on time. So we walked St. Catherine’s and then I met my mom in LaSalle.
MY NEW JOB at Chapters is really cool so far. It’s much more professional then Hallmark as far as I can see so far- my training is in 5 parts and I have to complete it using my workbook. I was also given a DVD, a manual, a book… etc. It’s crazy. I don’t mind though, I like being busy all the time. It doesn’t give me too much opportunity to procrastinate.

Here’s what my schedule for the next 7 days looks like:
Saturday (today): Homework by myself, then James&Agnes come over for some studying
Sunday: finish homework, going downtown with Jenia&Jenn to do some shopping at the Eaton Center
Monday: 2 midterms, then heading downtown with Jenia to do an interview with one of the guys from TNC’s (along with Jenn and Kelly)… then rushing back home to get to work
Tuesday: School, then working my 2nd shift at Chapters
Wednesday: School, community service, and then heading downtown again with Jenia for the Hello Operator show
Thursday: School, helping Jenia edit and pick clips for the TNC’s documentary, then going to work
Friday: HEDLEY at Club Soda ❤ Saturday: Heading home and then going to see Saw 5 with Jessica Sunday: SLEEPING? Yeah, maybe. It never used to be like me to be out and about so much. Now, I can’t really imagine my life any other way. I guess I should go catch up on my homework now so I can enjoy this next week!
27 days,


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