The Jack’s Mannequin show last night will officially go down as the best show I’ve ever been to so far. Front row with my favorite people and Andrew McMahon 3 feet away… It couldn’t have been any better.

Agnes, Alex, Jenia and I headed downtown and ended up being first in line at 1:30. 10 minutes after we got there a couple girls came behind us which we ended up spending the whole night singing with. Jenn met us in line around 3, and we spent the entire afternoon sitting in front of Le National sitting on plastic bags and taking pictures. The highlight has to be sneaking into the venue during soundcheck and being allowed to listen to Andrew sing ‘Spinning’. THAT definitely got us excited.

The first opening band, Treaty of Paris, was actually REALLY good. Although I was front and center, I was also stuck right next to this little spotlight that the lead singer kept getting his mic wire stuck around. He also kept swinging the wire in all of our faces and then staring down at us and apologizing… He was so cute though haha.

The second band was really WEIRD. Their name was ‘Fun’ but according to the lead singer they are ‘very boring people’. I’d have to disagree: the lead singer looked and smelled homeless, the pianist looked like he was handicapped and then bassist had the FUNNIEST facial expressions I think I’ve ever seen in my life.

The wait between the last band and Jack’s Mannequin was ENDLESS. For some reason it took them 45 minutes to set up his piano and to re-plug in the spotlight that I was TOLD I could unplug… But ended up being important in Jacks’ set. Every single second was worth it. The smile I had on my face when Andrew stepped on stage… I think all of us at the front row looked the same… Ridiculously deliriously happy.

I can’t even begin to explain how amazing being front row was. I took so many videos because I never ever want to forget. I’ve seen Jack’s in concert twice before… but it was NEVER this amazing. I could see every single thing Andrew did on stage, and hear all the things he didn’t even say in his mic. It was beyond surreal. Best part? He played a Something Corporate song. I never in my entire life thought i would get the chance to hear anything SoCo live.
A couple of my other favorites included Mixed Tape, Dark Blue, Spinning, Crashin, Miss California, Caves… And all the other songs he played.
I think it’s love. ❤
I can’t wait until he comes back.
I need to meet Andrew McMahon.


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