Holidays. Almost.


I pretty much feel like I’m on Christmas break even though it hasn’t sunk in that I don’t have school for another 9 months. it’s SO weird. well, besides the fact that i have a bio tutorial tomorrow morning & my final exam on Thursday which I am not AT ALL worried about. which is why it’s pretty much like i’m on holiday.

so far I haven’t been up to much since the end of school. I’ve been working a lot these last few days which is fine with me because I’ve been doing a lot of Christmas shopping too. This past Saturday it was the five some Christmas party which was really awesome.

We all went over to Jenia’s place and mostly ate way too much food. I love that the first thing I do when school is out is spend my time with them. I definitely missed summer for that (&& of course the weather, because right now it’s total crap outside)

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