Happy Holidayss <3

I’ve been keeping very busy with Christmas & work and whatnot.
So far holidays have mostly been about spending money and making money… But I’m not complaining. I’ve got months ahead of me to do whatever I want.
And anyways, Chapters has been totally spoiling me. Earlier this week I won a 25$ gift certificate to Future Shop, the next day my manager gave me 2 i-thankyou’s and today I got a free coffee from Starbucks & another i-thankyou from the General Manager for coming in at 7am to help set-up for Boxing Day. I still can’t believe that I get all these little gifts (AND FREE COFFEE) just for doing my job. I’m never leaving the place.

Besides that, Christmas was fun! Christmas eve was spent at my brother’s house. We ate really late & I enjoyed some quality time with HIS x-mas gift; a little kitten! Which I want to adopt. We opened gifts at like 2am and I got nice little things from my family, including lots of gift certificates which I have not had the chance to use yet.
Christmas night we went over to Vanessa’s parent’s house for another family dinner & I spent a lot of time playing cards with my brother and just chilling out. I really missed random family get togethers. With school and homework I hardly ever had the time to spend time with them during the semester but that will change for atleast the next couple months.

Today after working my mega-early shift I went shopping with my mom and did not enjoy ANY boxing day sales, somehow. I bought boots though which I very much needed and some new black pants & a black sweater for work. So they were necessities! No wasting money there. I’m only feeling mildly convinced, but anyway.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing all my friends on Sunday night. It’s been TOO long and I miss them terribly.

OH. And I’ve started Book #2. It’s called Hunger Games. it’s totally different from what I’m used to reading… But we’ll see how it goes!

Here’s a pic of Jenia and I from the Hockey Game last Saturday. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. We won 4-3 in overtime. And we ate LOTS of free food. It was epic. ❤


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