I’m having a bit of a moment…


I’m feeling really overwhelmed tonight. I can’t really describe why.
Well, I guess most importantly; my trip to Cuba was booked today!
It puts me in a ton of debt- but saving money for a trip is exactly what I’d been wanting to do. So I really don’t mind putting the next couple paychecks towards it. It’s going to be so worth it. In the sun for 7 days with Agnes, James, Jenia, Rob, Kate, Alex & Kay… Nothing sounds better.

Besides that there isn’t a ton new. I’m getting really excited for the upcoming concerts. Next Tuesday is Anberlin and I absolutely can’t wait. Then January 24th Hedley & The New Cities are playing the NHL All-Star official party which is amazing. It’s been months since I’ve seen either of those bands and I know it’s going to be a great show.

Nothing new at work either. I’m still hoping to find more hours in the month of February and hopefully a couple extra shifts in January. Everyone is busy for the rest of the month except me. I have so few shifts at work I either want to find something to keep me busy during the rest of my time or get more hours so I’m not just sitting at home.

I’ve slowly been picking up the mood to write though. I mean I used to do it a lot more often. Whenever the mood striked me I just wrote short stories or whatever. But with school and everything I just haven’t taken that time lately. I’m feeling really uninspired but the mood just took me all of a sudden. I think I might try something in the next couple days.

As for tomorrow I actually have plans. I haven’t been out much this week- which is fine by me. I’ve needed a couple Mel days. I’ve literally been holed up in my house watching shows and lazing around in PJ’s. Tomorrow though is going to be a busy day. I’m going out with James and Agnes for the day; we’re getting our passport pictures done, in my case i’m getting my new government birth certificate, and we’re going to see if there are any sales at Fairview on summer clothes for Cuba. God I am SO excited. Then right after dinner we’re going to see Jenia to say goodbye to her and Jenn who are leaving for Cabo Mexico Saturday morning.

This is a picture of the hotel we’ll be staying in when we go to Cuba. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

Anyways, I guess that’s all for now. Hopefully things start to get more interesting once concerts pick up and when the vacation gets closer. I’ll be busy getting ready for the trip which is just fine with me!


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  1. Sometimes I find it’s best to just take a few “me” days off as well :). The hotel looks amazing, have a great time! Oh and don’t mind me, I’m just going out and finding interesting blogs to comment on.

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