Coldest. Show. Ever.


Last night was the NHL Official All-Star party & Hedley/TNC show. And it was -25 degrees.
It started off with Kelly and I meeting Jenia & Jenn at the Eaton Center. We headed to Nickel’s for a late lunch-early dinner and then decided around 5 or so to walk down to Crescent. I’ve never had to pay so much in one day to stay warm, honestly.
First we sat in Sir Winston’s for about an hour and had to buy a drink
Then we went outside for the TNC soundcheck for about half an hour
And we went to Amir afterwards to warm up and had to buy some food
TNC was supposed to go on at 7… So we went outside around 6:45. By 7:20 there was still no band on stage so we absolutely had to go inside and warm up. We went BACK to Winston’s and bought another round of drinks. We found out the guys were going on at 8:15 so we went back outside at 8:10 and stayed there for a good hour.
Their set was AMAZING though. There was a surprisingly big crowd for the cold weather. I was frozen but when the guys came on I completely forgot about it and danced for the entire 45 minutes to stay warm. It was SO much fun. Jenia and I sang the entire thing. It was really fun because we knew every single change the guys made to their songs since they recorded the album. It was honestly one of their best sets I’ve ever seen.
After their set was over we met up with their new Manager. we offered to help them with their promotions that night. He gave us 1 000 stickers to hand out in the crowd and showed us the new logo and told us a little bit about what was going on with the band these days. He seemed really nice. We ended up handing it atleast half of the stickers… but it had already been an hour that we were outside and we couldn’t feel a single bone in our bodies. We gave up right before 9:30 and went back to Amir to warm up.
Hedley was going on around 9:30 but they only ended up going on at 10. None of us could move. Everything hurt from the cold. I was even having trouble breathing from shivering for so long. I was exhausted and it wasn’t even 10 yet. We decided to stay in Amir for a little while longer, see what Hedley was like on stage and then grab a Cab home. We wanted to go to Fouf’s but I don’t think any of us could have stayed up much longer.
So we went back to the stage and the place was absolutely PACKED with people. We were almost right behind the stage because so many people had arrived to see Hedley. We watched about a song and a half before we just didn’t want to stay outside anymore. So we caught a cab and went home. I was in bed by like 11:30 warming up.
I was really sad because it was too cold to take pictures or videos… But I had fun anyway. I’m incredibly excited for the show on Feb 20th. I already can’t wait!!


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