Walk Down Memory Lane


Despite complaining about having to go to work lately, I’m really enjoying my job. Sometimes it can get a little bit tedious but I still love working at Chapters.
I had a really fun experience last night at work, actually. Every once in a while there are events held in the Kid’s department (March break is a week of events apparently), but last night we had a group of Girl Guides come in and do a Scavenger Hunt & learn about what it’s like to work as a Book Seller. It was a lot of fun for everyone. For me it was a huge walk down memory lane- I was in Girl Guides for over a decade of my life and I had almost completely forgotten about it until I saw them walking in. The opening songs, the badges & uniforms and of course the interesting field trips. I kind of miss being 9 years old and my biggest worries being whether or not I’ll make it to my weekly Thursday night Girl Guide meetings.

On the complete other hand, I’m really excited for my University application to be finished and sent in. I’m really excited & anxious to see if I’ll get into the Journalism program. Although I’ve heard some not so amazing things about the job opportunities, I’m really looking forward to studying in it. I’ve always loved writing, and even during my Sex and the City marathon last night/this morning I got really excited watching Carrie Bradshaw writing her column (granted I probably won’t be writing sex columns), but it still got me really looking forward to seeing where I can go with the program.

Tonight I’m headed to Jenia’s house with Laura for a long overdue girl’s night in. Despite enjoying work, I am looking forward to a night where I don’t have to get ready to go in and sell books.

oh and;
28 days until Cuba
maybe jack’s mannequin roadtrip in late april? i think so ❤

things are definitely looking up these days.


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