oh, DAHFA… <3


Today I had a little get-together with Jenn & Jenia downtown. We walked around on St. Catherine’s and went shopping at the Eaton Center. We are all officially ready (clothing wise) for the weekend of concerts ahead. I’m very excited!

Friday: TNC’s at Underworld, then Fouf’s & sleep-over at Jenn’s
Saturday: Head back home…

Sunday: Work all morning and then Club Soda for The Hot Streak show at Club Soda with Jenn and Jenia.

To say that this weekend is going to be eventful is an understatement. The guest-list for Friday is interesting & DAHFA meets for round 1 of… DAHFA. Anyways.

Besides that, I’m officially finished my applications for University. I’m just going to review and click send (and spend 100 dollars, how exciting) before going to sleep tonight.

This past Sunday I had a lovely mostly girls’ evening at Jenia’s with James, Agnes and of course Jenia. We made tequila chicken, Mexican rice, salad and chocolate fondue. We took too many strange pictures, and laughed until it hurt. Then we realized why we’re all single and how much we love it if we can keep having hangouts like this one:


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